Bid Tabulations


It is the responsibility of the bidder to contact the road commission prior to the bid deadline to check for addendums or modifications to the original bid packet.

Bids Tabs are for reference only. Bid awards are not final until approved by the Shiawassee County Road Commission Board.

Uniform Rental & Laundry Service Bid Tab

Janitorial Service Bid

2023 Commercial Pole Barn 80’x120’x18′ Building Bid

2023 Commercial Overhead Doors and Systems Bid

2024 Perry Salt Barn and Cold Storage Roof Replacement Bid

2023 High Efficiency Condensing Boiler with Indirect Water Heater

2023 Ultraviolet Lining 100’x24″ for Failed Corrugated Metal Culvert

2024 Light Fixture Replacement at the Shiawassee County Road Commission Main Building