Bid Tabulations


It is the responsibility of the bidder to contact the road commission prior to the bid deadline to check for addendums or modifications to the original bid packet.

Bids Tabs are for reference only. Bid awards are not final until approved by the Shiawassee County Road Commission Board.

2022 Pavement Marking Bid Information

2022 New Quad Axle Rock Box End Dump Trailer

2022 Crackfill Melter Applicator & Material Bid Information

2022 Gravel Hauling Program Bid Information

2022 Bituminous Paving Program Bid Information

2023 Scratch Course Bituminous Paving Program without Shoulders for select Townships

2023 Chip Seal Program

2023 Gravel Hauling Program

2023 Skip Patch Paving Program

2023 County Roadside Mowing