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  1. If you are installing a new driveway
  2. If you are paving or installing concrete on an existing driveway
  3. If you are widening your driveway
  4. If you are installing a second driveway
  5. If the use of your driveway is changing (residential, agricultural, commercial)

Permits will typically be processed and issued within seven business days from the date received, provided that all required information is received at the time of application. Incomplete applications will be delayed or not processed until all required information is received. Additional processing time may be needed for complicated applications, heavy application volume, or reduced staffing levels.

Private roads cannot become public roads unless they are brought up the Road Commission’s current requirements and specifications. It is recommended to developers that even when a private road is planned, that they build the road to our current public road requirements in case acceptance is ever desired in the future.

Visit the Road Commission Permits tab from the home page of our website: There you will select the type of permit which you would like to apply for. Right of way permits can be filled out and emailed to: or, if need be, physically brought into our office at 701 West Corunna Avenue Corunna, MI 48817-1229. For moving permits, you will be prompted to go through oxcart. See following frequently asked question for more on Oxcart.

SCRC is partnering with Oxcart Permits Systems to process and issue all transportation permits electronically. Beginning in the fall of 2021, all transportation permits applications must be submitted via and SCRC will no longer process applications using the previous application forms. This new process will speed up approvals and eliminate the tedious paper-oriented processes. Oxcart will send online permit approvals to your inbox and approved permits can be downloaded to your computer or mobile device. No software is required to be downloaded or installed. Oxcart is available wherever there is an internet connection. Dashboards, account management, and permit approvals can all be viewed in real-time.