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Michael Girard

Director of Finance and Human Resources/Clerk of the Board

989-743-2228 Ext 201mgirard@shiawasseeroads.com

Andrea Montague

Office Manager/Accounts Payable/Deputy Clerk

989-743-2228 Ext 204amontague@shiawasseeroads.com

Julia McCloskey

Payroll Clerk/Receptionist

989-743-2228 Ext 214jmccloskey@shiawasseeroads.com


Amanda Hemeyer

Consultant Engineer

ROWE Professional Services Company

Bradley Rigoulot

Engineer's Assistant

989-743-2228 Ext 207brigoulot@shiawasseeroads.com

Clarence Jodway

Engineering Technician

989-743-2228 Ext 209cjodway@shiawasseeroads.com


Troy Howes

Superintendent/Highway Foreman

989-743-2228 Ext 203howest@shiawasseeroads.com

Don Nickels

Eastside County Foreman

989-743-2228 Ext 213dnickels@shiawasseeroads.com

Shawn Hasyn

Westside County Foreman

989-743-2228 Ext 212shasyn@shiawasseeroads.com

Jeremy Dietz

Equipment Superintendent

989-743-2228 Ext 220jdietz@shiawasseeroads.com

26 Dedicated Employees

Shop and Road Crew