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SCRC is responsible for maintaining 1096 miles of unpaved roads. Most unpaved road maintenance occurs during the summer and fall. Maintenance efforts last longest when conditions are dry and warm. Frozen roads are too hard and cannot be graded. In the spring, roads thaw and become saturated with moisture. Aggressive maintenance during the spring thawing period can make muddy conditions worse.

A pothole is typically fixed by cleaning out the loose debris and filling it with hot or cold asphalt patch. If you are reporting a pothole that you view as an emergency or potentially harmful, please contact SCRC immediately at (989) 743-2228.

During the dry summer and fall months, usually May to October, crews stabilize gravel roads by applying brine (a salt/water mixture) to the road surface. The application of brine decreases dust and attracts the right amount of moisture to help keep the road together. Gravel roads receive two (2) brine applications per season. The number of brine applications is determined and paid for each year by each individual township.

Dust control, as with all unpaved road maintenance is weather-dependent, therefore SCRC does not have a firm maintenance schedule available.

SCRC does not handle private order dust control. Here are a few places to purchase brine:
Durand Feed and Grain (989) 288-3178, Corunna Mills (989) 743-3110, Carland Elevator (989) 661-2202
or you may contract D’s Dust Control at (989) 634-5669, Dennis Bittner, Owner.

SCRC clears over 1,096 miles of county roads based on a priority system that starts with highways and paved county roads, followed by subdivision and gravel roads.

Long or back-to-back storms may delay SCRC’s response time on subdivision and unpaved roads. It is the responsibility of the homeowners and business owners to clear snow from their driveways and sidewalks.

SCRC only removes large animals, such as deer, from the roadway when the remains pose a safety concern. Crews will pull animal remains far enough off the road as not to interfere with travel. SCRC does not have the resources to completely remove and dispose of animal remains located in the road right-of-way.

SCRC maintains approximately 4 traffic signals/flashing beacons at intersections throughout Shiawassee County. If a signal is flashing, off, damaged, or a red bulb is out, please call SCRC immediately at (989) 743-2228.

SCRC only removes trees located within the road right-of-way, typically 33-feet from the center line of the road. If the tree is in the road right-of-way, citizens can obtain a free permit from SCRC and remove the tree themselves.

SCRC only removes brush and vegetation that is located within the road right-of-way, typically 33-feet from the center line of the road. Clearing vegetation from driveways and private roads is outside SCRC’s jurisdiction and is the responsibility of the property owner.

SCRC will investigate and correct roadside drainage issues that are located within the road right-of-way, typically 33-feet from the center line of the road.

Unfortunately, SCRC doesn’t have the resources to pick up litter or trash located off the road but still in the road right-of-way. If you are reporting litter or trash in a roadway that poses an immediate danger, please call us immediately at (989) 743-2228.

When guardrail deteriorates or is struck by a vehicle and damaged, SCRC will repair or replace the guardrail.

SCRC will investigate and correct roadway flooding issues. The cause and extent of flooding will determine SCRC’s response. Sometimes crews can remove the obstruction and flooding will recede, other times SCRC must close the road, place warning signs and wait for flooding to recede itself. If there is water over the road, please call SCRC immediately at (989) 743-2228.

SCRC is responsible for maintaining approximately 562 miles of pavement markings, including several legends and symbols. When pavement markings wear down, SCRC will repaint/reapply markings. If you are requesting a change in pavement markings, such as changing lines in the road from dashed to solid, please contact SCRC directly at (989) 743-2228.

SCRC contracts with a third party to conduct street sweeping on all M-DOT roads twice a year. The first sweeping takes place in the late-spring and the second takes place in the early-fall.