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The Shiawassee County Road Commission (SCRC) is responsible for mowing the road right-of-way, typically 5-10 feet from the edge of the road for 1,097 miles of road each summer and fall.

Clearing vegetation from driveways and private roads is outside SCRC’s jurisdiction and is the responsibility of the property owner.

SCRC uses a subcontractor to perform roadside mowing. Per their contract, they will mow along paved (non-subdivision) county roads twice and unpaved (non-subdivision) county roads once throughout the season. They do not mow along subdivision roads. The contractor is responsible for the scheduling of mowing in order to mow through the county most efficiently. They generally work on a township-by-township basis.

Weather is a major factor in mowing schedules. For example, in years with heavy spring rains, the mowing contractor can’t start mowing as quickly as they would like to, meaning they get to all roads later in the season.

The mowing contract specifies that the contractor needs to mow 5-10 feet from the road edge. This very often will not include the ditch. Many ditches across Shiawassee County need extensive ditch work after years of overgrowth.

SCRC does not mow for driveway sight distance. Driveway sight distance is the responsibility of the property owner per the terms of the driveway permit. SCRC will mow the road edges throughout the season which may help with driveway sight distance.

If a resident feels they still can’t see safely when pulling out of their driveway, they should clear the appropriate vegetation in order to be safe.