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Cable TV.

New installations underground: $60.00
New installation on existing poles: $60.00
New Pole(s) for line extension: $60.00
Annual service repair: $70.00


Residential driveway: $35.00 includes final inspection; 1/2 on second drive
Commercial driveway: $100.00 includes final inspection; 1/2 on second drive
Agricultural field driveway: $30.00 includes final inspection
Private Road/Intersection Only: $100.00
Utility or government: No charge


Bore and jack: $70.00
Pavement cutting 6’X6′ or less: $220.00
Pavement cutting greater than 6’X6′: $320.00
Open cutting gravel roads: $70.00
Sewer lines within right-of-way: $220.00
Road ditch tiling: $100.00 includes final inspection
Annual moving permit: $100.00
Annual mobile home permit: $100.00
Emergency Well Repair Permit: $25.00
Emergency Septic Move Permit: $25.00
Individual moving permit: $25.00/$50.00
Tree trimming and/or removal: $70.00
Annual survey permit: $30.00
Specialized moving permit (requires route inspection): $200.00 Maximum
Seasonal milk haulers permit: $70.00
Agricultural commodity single move permit: $30.00
Seasonal Public Utility Non-Emergency Exemption Permit: $100.00

Permits for any and all activities not mentioned above: $40.00 minimum