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Commissioners and Staff:

The Shiawassee County Road Commission is a totally separate entity from the County Board of Commissioners. Three Road Commissioners, who are elected to serve six-year terms, with the terms staggered so
there is an election for one seat every two years, make up the County Road Commission Board. The Road Commissioners set policies and see that the Administration Staff runs the day to day operations accordingly.

Road Commission Board Members:
John A Michalec - 989 723-7143, jmichalec@shiawasseeroads.com
1544 N Hickory Rd
Owosso MI 48867

Mike Constine - 989 834-6170, mconstine@shiawasseeroads.com
9500 W Elm Rd

Ovid MI 48866

Ric Crawford - 989 499-2051, rcrawford@shiawasseeroads.com
2532 S Kerby Rd
Corunna MI 48817

Interim Managing Director:
Chris Cannon

Superintendent/Highway Foreman
Troy Howes

Director of Finance and Human Resources/Clerk of the Board:
Jennifer Schiebner

Office Staff:
Julia McCloskey
Andrea Montague

Consultant Engineer:
Rick Freeman
ROWE Professional Services Company

Engineering Staff:
Chris Cannon
Brad Rigoulot

Westside County Foreman:
Henry Handl

Eastside County Foreman:
Don Nickels

Shop Superintendent:
Jeremy Dietz

Shop and Road Crew:
25 dedicated employees

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Road Commission