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Road Commission

2018 Projects by Road:

Barnes Road - Bath Rd to Beard Rd-2,600 tons 23A Regravel-(1.01 miles)
Barnes Road - Cole Rd to Lehring Rd-2,450 tons 23A Regravel-(0.96 miles)
Bath Road - Bancroft Rd east 0.10 miles-300 tons 23A Regravel-(0.10 miles)
Bath Road - Bliven Rd and Vernon Rd-42"x60' Culvert Replacement
Beard Road - Cork Rd to Morrice Rd-Scratch Course/Chip Seal-(1.00 miles)
Beard Road - Bancroft Rd to Godfrey Rd-Crack Seal-(2.08 miles)
Beard Road - Bancroft Rd to Godfrey Rd-Single Chip Seal-(2.08 miles)
Beardslee Road - Bath Rd to Britton Rd and Ellsworth Rd-Morrice Rd to Ruppert Rd-Tree Trimming-(3.00 miles)
Bennington Road - Meridian Rd to Morrice Rd-Scratch Course/Chip Seal-(9.33 miles)
Braden Road - Bancroft Rd to Burns Township Line-1,900 tons 23A Regravel-(1.51 miles)
Braden Road - Fowlerville Rd to State Rd-2,600 tons 23A Regravel-(2.02 miles)
Braden Road - Vernon Rd east to dead end-1,600 tons 23A Regravel-(0.61 miles)
Brewer Road - M-52 to Morrice Rd-Single Chip Seal-(1.97 miles)
Byron Road - Miller Rd to Newburg Rd-Single Chip Seal-(3.03 miles)
Byron Road - Lennon Rd to Lytle Rd-2050 tons 23A Regravel-(0.81 miles)
Byron Road - Miller Rd to Byron Village Limits-Single Chip Seal-(2.52 miles)
Colby Lake Road - Bath Rd to Britton Rd-2550 tons 23A Regravel-(1.00miles)
Cole Road - Durand Rd to Reed Rd-Crack Seal-(1.26 miles)
Collins Road - Baldwin Rd to Friegel Rd-2550 tons 23A Regravel-(0.99 miles)
Cronk Road - Carland Rd to Vincent Rd-2,600 tons 23A Regravel-(1.01 miles)
Cronk Road - Durand Rd to Reed Rd-48"x60' Culvert
Delaney Road - Brewer Rd to Grand River Rd-Tree Trimming-(1.00 miles)
Delaney Road - Cronk Rd to Juddville Rd-Scratch Course/Chip Seal-(1.01 miles)
Easton Road - Cram Rd to State Rd-Scratch Course/Chip Seal-(0.99 miles)
Escott Road - Cronk Rd to Wilkinson Rd-2,750 tons 23A Regravel-(1.07miles)
Fenner Road - M-21 to Simpson Rd-1,000 tons 23A Regravel-(0.39 miles)
Garrison Road - Byron Rd to County Line Rd-3050 tons 23A Regravel-(1.01 miles)
Geeck Road - Cronk Rd to Simpson Rd-Scratch Course/Chip Seal-(2.23 miles)
Goodall Road Bridge over the Web Creek - Bridge Rehabilitation Project- Critical Bridge Funds Local Bridge 2018 Bridge Project
Grand River Road - Bancroft Village Limits to Antrim Twp Line-Scratch Course/Chip Seal-(1.20 miles)
Grand River Road - M-52 west to Sciota Twp Line-Single Chip Seal-(2.98 miles)
Grand River Road - Shiawassee Twp Line to Cole Rd-Scratch Course/Chip Seal-(0.38 miles)
Henderson Road - Reed Rd to 1/2 mile west-Scratch Course/Chip Seal-(0.50 miles)
Jason Lee Drive - North of Copas Rd-1-1/2" Bituminous Paving-(0.24 miles)
Juddville Road - Meridian Rd to M-13-Scratch Course/Chip Seal-(22.34 miles)
Laingsburg Road - Laingsburg City Limits to Woodhull Twp Line-Scratch Course/Chip Seal-(1.87 miles)
Leland Road - Bennington Rd to Doyle Rd-Crack Seal-(2.86 miles)
Locke Road - Bridger Rd to Munch Rd-3150 tons 23A Regravel-(1.25 miles)
Lovejoy Road - Bridger Rd to Cork Rd-3200 tons 23A Regravel-(1.25 miles)
Lovejoy Road - Barnes Road to Byron Rd in Livingston County-650 tons 23A Regravel-(0.25 miles)
Mabbitt Street - Mason Rd to McBride Rd-Scratch Course/Chip Seal-(0.50 miles)
McBride Road - East St to Warren Rd-Scratch Course/Chip Seal-(1.18 miles)
Middleton Road - Durand Rd to Reed Rd-2750 tons 23A Regravel-(1.08 miles)
Middleton Road - Reed Rd to Shipman Rd-1950 tons 23A Regravel-(0.76 miles)
Monroe Road - Byron Rd to New Lothrop Rd-2600 tons 23A Regravel-(1.03 miles)
Morrice Road - Grand River Rd to Miller Rd and Grand River Rd-M-52 to Morrice Rd-Tree Trimming-(4.28 miles)
New Lothrop Road - M-21 to Copas Rd-Scratch Course/Chip Seal-(1.02 miles)
Oakes Road - Lovejoy Rd to Warner Rd-4350 tons 23A Regravel-(1.71 miles)
Pollard Road - Woodbury Rd west to dead end-3.5" Bituminous Paving, 23A shoulder gravel-(0.51 miles)
Reed Road - Pittsburg Rd to Prior Rd-2600 tons 23A Regravel-(1.03 miles)
Reed Road - Easton Rd south to end of blacktop south of Allan Rd-Scratch Course/Chip Seal-(1.17 miles)
Ribbey Road - Lovejoy Rd to Warner Rd-1400 tons 23A Regravel-(0.53 miles)
Riniel Road - Brooks Rd north to blacktop-1300 tons 23A Regravel-(0.51 miles)
Ruess Road - Bath Rd to Lansing Rd-Crack Seal-(0.94 miles)
Ruess Road - Benington Rd to Garrison Rd-2,550 tons 23A Regravel-(1.00 miles)
Smith Road - Allan Rd to Epton Rd-Pulverize/Shape & Brine-(1.01miles)
State Road - Beard Rd to Braden Rd-1,300 tons 23A Regravel-(1.00 miles)
State Road - Lansing Rd south 0.78 miles-3.5" Bituminous Paving, 23A Shoulder Gravel-(0.78 miles)
Tyrrell Road - Colby Lake Rd to Fenner Rd-6700 tons 23A Regravel-(2.23 miles)
Vernon Road - Pittsburg Rd to Vernon Village Limits-Single Chip Seal-(2.47 miles)
Waugh Road - Bennington Rd to Garrison Rd-Tree Trimming-(1.00 miles)
Wilkinson Road - Chipman Rd to Delaney Rd-3" Bituminous Paving, 23A shoulder gravel-(0.91 miles)
Wilkinson Road - Baldwin Rd to Carland Rd-2,700 tons 23A Regravel-(1.06 miles)
Wilkinson Road - Vincent Rd to Warren Rd-2,750 tons 23A Regravel-(1.01 miles)
Winegar Road - Lemon Rd to Old State Rd-2,600 tons 23A Regravel-(2.02 miles)

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