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Road Commission

Mailbox Policy:

Your mailbox is on the road right-of-way. This is permitted by the Road Commission as a convenience to you. If snow plowing damages or knocks your mailbox down, please understand, it can happen. As these photos illustrate, the view from the driver's seat of the grader or plow truck is a cloud of white.

Mailbox 'snowboards' are becoming increasingly popular in areas which receive heavy snowfall. The idea is that the snowboard will take the impact of the weight of the snow and ice instead of the mailbox and post. Below is an example of the proper installation of a snowboard.

The Board regrets any damage to mailboxes and/or supports that occurs as a result of road maintenance activities. The Board will provide a gift card from Home Depot in the amount of $25.00. The Board offers this even though, by law, is not legally responsible for personal property claims while in the course of its governmental function.

Damaged newspaper boxes and/or their supports will not be replaced by the Board.

Click here for the complete Shiawassee County Road Commission Board Policy for Mailboxes and Newspaper Boxes on County Road Right of Way