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Funding the Road Commission:

Shiawassee County along with the other 82 County Road Commissions, The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) and cities and villages throughout Michigan are funded primarily from the Michigan Transportation Fund (MTF) under a distribution formula based upon miles of road and population of the county. Included in revenues that go into the MTF is the present 26.3 cent per gallon gasoline tax, which is approximetely 51% of the collected revenue. The other major source is the Vehicle Registration Tax (approximately 47%) with other sources being vehicle titles, vehicle transfers, permits and interest earnings.

The revenue is broken down into a formula for distribution to MDOT (36%), County Road Commissions (35%), Cities and Villages (20%) and the Comprehensive Transportation Fund (9%).

The 26.3 cent gas tax was increased in 2017 with 1/2 cent earmarked for MDOT's bridge fund, leaving 25.8 cents to divide up under the previously mentioned formula.

Other available funding for Road Commissions:

Township Contributions - Used for new construction, reconstruction or preventive maintenance within the township in which the contributions come from.

Special Assessment - Used Primarily for subdivision improvements. The majority of the residents on that road have petitioned and approved.


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